Use referral marketing

Referrals: If you have found some kind of initial product/market fit, chances are you already have a few really happy existing customers. These should be your first and primary source of new customers/leads! Don’t be afraid to ask them straightly: «Who else in your network, among your friends, colleagues could be a happy customer of our app/service/brand?». I guarantee, if they are in fact happy customers, they WILL come up with a referral. Naturally, these referrals are the easiest to convert. I really can’t stress that enough 🙂

Reviews: If asking for direct referrals for some reason doesn’t work, ask your happy customers to leave a public review for your app/service/brand. Facebook reviews are probably the easiest choice, since they are visible on public. Don’t give in to the temptation to pre-write the reviews to make it easier for your customers — authentic reviews work best!