Stay ahead of the competition

I want to share a story, based on our experience with business consulting:

We were launching a new product on the exact day that our target audience needed it. We’d been notified about some changes in laws which were expected in 3 months, so we started to prepare for these changes in advance. First, we notified our current and potential customers (about 3k of them) via an email campaign about the changes that were coming, and about the additional steps they would need to go through. Then, we prepared our website (additional forms, processes, etc.) and created a tiny new tool to simplify our customers' lives, in exchange for a small amount of additional money from them. Basically, we created a new sub-service, automating the additional documents' preparations according to these changes. A month before the changes took place, we notified our potential clients again about our new service, due dates and so on.

We immediately reached a solid sales peak (for a tiny tool), and it brought in over $ 25k in additional sales in two weeks. Additionally, we did--and continue to do--some SMM, and even random cold calls to potential customers, which created a positive sales flow in the long term.

That’s how you can boost your sales for a short period: By simply delivering the service at the exact time when everyone will be interested in it.