Answer relevant discussions on Quora

If you’re not familiar with it, Quora is a top community site visited by hundreds of thousands or even millions of users online.

Participating in this top notch content site is one of the underutilized techniques by marketers today. If you do it properly, you’ll see some amazing results.


Here’s how you can do it.

  • Find relevant quora threads by doing a Quora search for your target keywords/topics. You can also find people who are actively answering questions on the site and see which threads they have participated in. Like in the SEO industry, you’ll find Ian Lurie to be one of top notch community user, so simply looking at his profile and his recent answers, it’d gave you tons of Quora threads you can initially start engaging in.
  • Create a list of Quora threads you’ll find worth investing your time in. Add columns for range of views, rank in search (see if they rank in search by simply doing Google searches), answered (yes/no) and your target pages (which pages/content you’d like to promote in threads).
  • Make sure to provide the best answer as much as possible so you can acquire organic views over time.
  • Target highly converting Quora threads to generate leads for your business, not just referral traffic.

This strategy only takes 5 minutes every day — answer at least one relevant question a day and increase your business leads without much effort.