Automate your marketing processes

One of the most effective methods of streamlining a revenue source in a short amount of time is through automation. The key is to create self-sustaining systems and processes that have the ability scale. For example, an email list is a very effective method of creating a systematic approach to creating revenue through automation. When you create an automated email responder, every opt-in runs through a sequence that may help you establish rapport and ultimately drive a conversion in the future. An email list is self-reliant once produced. You can leverage your list to meet a variety of goals and objectives. Email is personal, private and targeted. This is one form of automation.

Automation can be utilized through social media as well. For example, you can schedule out social media messages more than once through tools like BufferApp,, Hootsuite, etc. With this approach you can reach more consumers who may not have seen your first message to your respective social community.

Think about the long-term and how you can use your time most effectively to have the greatest impact. Automation when used wisely can help you achieve revenue streams in a short amount of time.