Develop a keyword-targeted content asset

  1. Find a content idea
    There are hundreds of platforms to find content ideas, but some of the best include forums, SEMrush, and Quora. To find forums in your niche use this search query in Google: «KEYWORD + forum». Example: «fitness + forum». The next tactic is to go to SEMrush and enter the URL of a top competitor. Within seconds, you can see keywords they are ranking for in Google and potential content ideas. Last, go to Quora and enter a relevant keyword in the search. There you will find questions (content ideas) people have in your industry.
  2. See what content has performed best for that idea
    After you have found a solid content idea, you need to see how well that idea as performed. Go to Buzzsumo, enter your idea, and examine the top content pieces. Create a content asset that’s 10x better or completely different Now you need to create a content asset superior to what you found in Buzzsumo. Ideally, the content asset and angle should be different than what you found. For example, if all the top performing content are articles, then you may want to create an infographic or a video to differentiate.
  3. Identify sharers and linkers
    Buzzsumo allows you to export lists of people or websites that have shared or linked to top performing content. Export these prospects because you will need them later. Reach out After your content is published, you will then reach out to your prospects and let them know about your awesome content piece.