Do social selling

In my opinion, the easiest way to boost your revenue in a short period of time is social selling. You can pick up people’s conversations on any subject relevant to your business — in our case it’s people looking for a SaaS tool, recommending one, or complaining about one. We track keywords and phrases people typically use to talk about SaaS tools. This allows us to know our customer personas inside out, as well as invite people to share their views on SaasGenius. I personally use a tool called Brand24 to do that.

You can use social selling no matter what it is you’re selling — you can find people looking for recommendations of pretty much any product on the Web, especially on Twitter. Talking to these people is much easier than trying to sell to other audiences because they are already expressing interest in a product you’re offering. All you need to do is find them at the right time and give them what they are looking for.