Increase your organic and paid traffic from Google

Most businesses I consulted in the past had one thing in common. Not enough traffic. In order to increase your revenue, you need more target traffic. The most cost effective way is to increase your organic traffic from Google or paid advertising.
After you start getting real traffic you can optimize your sales funnel with A/B tests. Keep in mind that no matter what is your business model you need to gain people’s trust before you ask them to pull their wallet.
The best way to do so is to educate them with in debt content you publish on your blog.
You also should be certain if your monetization strategy is the best fit for your business model. For example, it is nonsense to use Adsense on a website which gets less than 10−20k visitors a month. It will be better to ask your users what is their biggest problem and to offer them a solution (product or service).
You can also try to promote affiliate products if you don't have the time or the skill to create something on your own.