Protect your website from walmare

While there are a plethora of ways to increase the traffic to your web properties it’s important not to ignore factors which could be holding you back and preventing you from receiving the traffic you deserve.

One of these issues is website security and whether your site is well protected from malware and the nefarious individuals responsible for spreading said malware.

If your website has been infected it can dramatically decrease your traffic and prevent you from growing and many website owners don’t even realize their site has been infected.

Here’s what you can do. Check Google Search Console to make sure there are no manual messages notifying you of malware or viruses on your website. If your site has been hacked Google will warn people about this in the search engine results pages which can kill your click-through-rate.

You will also want to protect your site with a firewall, if you are using WordPress then my favorite option is to install and configure the Wordfence plugin which features both a security scanner and a firewall facility.

To learn more about how you can ensure your website’s security and protect it from malicious hackers, check out this guide on WordPress Security.