Сonstruct an offer for your existing customers and email it to them

If you want an immediate revenue boost, the best place to look is your existing customers. It takes time to build a relationship with ‘cold' prospects, but your existing customers already know and trust you, and hopefully are delighted by what you have done for them already, so they are predisposed to buy more from you.

The most immediate way to reach them is by email, and of course this has the additional benefit of being free!

So you simply need to construct an offer for your existing customers, and email it to them.

What should you offer them?

Well obviously it depends on the nature of your business, and what they have already bought from you, but essentially you need to offer them something that is related to what they have already bought. This could be a new product, a sister product, a complementary product, or perhaps a high-end version of what they already bought.

To increase the uptake on your offer, use a money saving offer (e.g. '30% discount for existing customers only'), ideally combined with a scarcity motivator (e.g. ‘for the first 50 people only'), or a time-limit (e.g. next 3 days only). These are all proven conversion-boosters.

And remember, that any discounts or special offers you give, are all on sales that you wouldn’t otherwise have got, so they aren’t costing you anything!

But take care to only offer something that is relevant and beneficial to your customers. Preservation of your relationship is paramount, and sending them an irrelevant offer that they aren’t interested in, or doesn’t apply to them, will only damage it. If necessary you can segment your list to target only buyers of a particular product, to make sure that your offer is relevant to them. One size does not necessarily fit all!

A well-constructed offer, sent to the right people, using proven conversion-boosting tactics, can give you an immediate boost in revenue, and it’s risk-free!