Analyze your website-traffic data to increase conversion

Safe and sustainable business growth usually occurs at a slower pace when compared with rapid quick burst business growth. When needing fast revenue growth, you have to be careful not to do things that could impact your overall brand strategy and put the long-term goals of the business at risk. However, having said that, there are various methods that can work very well if you are in need of a growth spurt. My personal favourite is to spend a couple of days analysing your website and how it tries to get visitors to convert. On day one, install some A/B testing software and build a couple of different landing pages. Let the data roll in and pick the best performing page. You can do this on multiple landing pages, and the results can be very worthwhile. Obviously, the longer you leave to test the pages, the better data you will get. How long you test the pages for depends on how quickly you need your revenue to grow. The beauty about this tip is that it doesn’t require you to increase traffic to your website, you are simply optimising the conversion rate of existing visitors.